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Top Tourist Destinations in Tokyo

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Tokyo is one of the busiest city in the world, with 13 million people living in this small land. The city is old, and has traditions, but at the same time unique cultures are growing as time goes by. With exhaustive metro and trains all over the city, it is easy to get around, and you can enjoy different types of things even in one day. Looking for places to visit in Tokyo? These are the top tourist destinations in Tokyo, so start from there!


1. Asakusa


I always take my foreign friends to Asakusa first when I show them around Tokyo, because it represents traditional Japanese style of living. Starting from the famous Kaminari-mon Gate (picture above), to Nakamise-dori Street, where you can find typical Japanese souvenirs such as chopsticks and fans, and the Sensoji temple at the end of the street; you can experience and see Japanese culture just by spending time in this small area of a town. You can also go to Hoppy Street near by, where you can enjoy variety of delicious small dishes with hoppy drink or beer in your hand; it’s how locals eat around this area. If you have extra time, you can take a train to Oshiage Station and climb Tokyo Skytree, the highest radio tower in the world.


2. Shibuya


You have probably seen the image of busy Shibuya Scramble Crossing on TV or on the Internet, and you may have thought what a busy country Japan is. The truth that not all streets are crowded; it is just for some big ones. Shibuya is the place where young people hang out and go shopping; I often went to the famous shopping place Shibuya 109 when I was a junior high school student. There are so many stores in this area, so it is the place if you want to go shopping all day. At the end of the day, you can try karaoke places or night clubs; it will instantly change to a night city. This city will probably sleep at night, but I would say it’s New York City in Japan.


3. Harajuku


Harajuku is also a place where young people gather, but it represents more of “Kawaii” (means cute) culture of Japan. People here have unique sense of fashion, which you can find in clothes like the picture down below; people dress freely and casually. It’s how they express themselves. Here you can experience unique culture by walking the famous Takeshita-dori Street, where you will see unique clothing stores, and you can try delicious crepes and fun photo booth. You can also go to Meiji Jungu Shrine near by, where you will experience traditional Japanese culture; it just takes 10 minutes walk from this unique street.


4. Akihabara


Akihabara is a paradise for anime, game and plastic model lovers. You can find any kind of anime books, figures and posters, second hand game boy color games, and airplane and car models from all times; it has everything you can imagine. Not only collectors can enjoy finding new things, but also you will feel nostalgic by seeing all those kinds of games and toys you once dreamed to have when you were child. Akihabara is also famous for electric shops, where you can check variety of products and compare the prices. It has the most variety, and you will probably find the cheapest products. If you have extra time you can go to a maid cafe, where you will get full services from cute maids; it is also a unique Japanese culture in this town.



5. Shinjuku


Shinkuku is a town of business people, as you will see how busy the Shinjuku Station is crowded with people. This place is for more adults than Shibuya or Harajuku, with chic cafes and restaurants around the station. Here you can go to Shinjuku Gyoen, the No.1 tourist attraction in Tokyo, where you will see beautiful Japanese traditional gardens and teahouses (picture above). At the night time you can go to the Golden-gai, where so many tiny bars gather on several streets. You can drink local, and have some nice conversations with locals. These days there are many tourists visiting this place, so you can also meet travelers from other countries.




You’ve been to Tokyo? Tell me your favorite place in the comment down below! 🙂

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