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Tokyo Itinerary Part 2: Tsukiji, Akihabara and Asakusa Area

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We went to Asakusa and Akihabara on the same day, and Tsukiji Market on the separate day, but I decided to combine these two days together and create an itinerary, since you can visit all of them in one day – or even in half a day. (We took those days easy and didn’t do much!) Here is our combined half day Tokyo Itinerary (mostly about food though) – use it for your easy-going day in Tokyo!


9:00 Breakfast at Tsukiji Market


Tsukiji market is one of the biggest market in Japan, where you can find fresh fish and seafood. We found a sushi restaurant at Tsukiji Jogai-shijo Market (), and tried sushi plate (10 pieces), Chirashi-zushi (). Each cost ¥1,200, which is relatively cheap considering the quality of the ingredients. We also had fresh oysters, (they were huge!). If you come to Tsukiji Market, I recommend you to try fresh fish which you can find only around this area!




10:00 Akihabara


You can get to Akihabara by , and it takes minutes. Here you can find countless electric products, every kind of games, comic books, and anime goods (this place has everything you can imagine!) We found game store and went inside as soon as we saw it, because we found so many games of fami-con and game boy color, including Pokemon Silver and Gold, Super Mario Brothers and the list goes on and on – everything I played or begged to my parents when I was a child. Personally it was the biggest discovery of the whole trip in Tokyo!




12:00 Asakusa


From Akihabara, you can take several different trains to Ueno Station, change trains there and take Subway Ginza Station. The whole journey will only take 10-15 minutes. Here you can find typical Japanese souvenirs, traditional food and snacks. We walked down the Nakamise-dori Street which continues from the Kaminarimon Gate (picture above) all the way down to the Sensoji Temple. I bought Ningyo-yaki, famous Japanese sweet from Asakusa, and had water candy at the street vendor near the temple.


13:00 Lunch at Hoppy-diri Street


Just right beside the Sensoji temple, there is this street called Hoppy-dori Street (here), full of izakaya-type restaurants offering different kind of food and drinks. The reason why this street is called Hoppy-dori Street is because it’s famous for Hoppy drink (picture below), beer-flavored drink with small amount of alcohol (about 0.8%). Here we ordered some kimchi giblets and fried gizzards with sour sauce (trust me, they are so good!), with beer and hoppy of course.



If you would like to see more around this area, I recommend:
  • Tokyo Skytree Town (Climb the tower and shop for Japanese souvenirs)
  • Hanayashiki (Amusement park next to Sensoji Temple)
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum (Get to know the lifestyle of people in Edo period)
  • Ueno Area – Ameya Street, park, museums and zoo (just one stop away from Asakusa Station!)


Everything is close to each other in Tokyo, so choose what you are interested in, and create your own itinerary! 🙂


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